World Wide Templar Radio is a worldwide outreach ministry of the Knights Templar of America, O.S.M.T.J. (Supreme Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem) Grand Prior T. Bryant Jones. This channel of Templar Radio broadcasts in English, with Templar Virtues, Crusades & Templar History, Bible Study w/dramatized Bible, Sermons on topics of interest, Music, News, Old Time Radio, Features and specialized broadcasts each and every week.

Templar.Radio and ChristRadio.com both members of:

Knights Templar Broadcasting Network

WWTR – World Wide Templar Radio is a member of the :

Knights Templar Broadcasting Network (KTBN) originating from studios in the United States of America, State of Florida.


TEMPLARS ARE the Defenders of the Faith, God’s Army. We are NOT affiliated with any other entity in any way. We are a Christian Organization which is open to Christian Men and Women of “high moral character“. To Find out more and to join Knights Templar go to: In the U.S. http://www.ktoa.org/join OR Worldwide: theknightstemplar.org/join Global email: info@theknightstemplar.org or info@ktoa.org

Please listen, even click us in a tab and have Templar.Radio on in the background while surfing the internet or on Facebook. You can use your smart phone, iPad/Tablet, PC, and even in your car. Tell your friends.

Anyone – Anywhere in the world with an Internet Connection can listen to both ChristRadio.com and to Templar.Radio

WE ARE SEEKING those who want to get involved with this ministry of OSMTJ. No matter where YOU are in the world, if you want to get involved, Email us and let us work together to reach all who will hear.


We are currently Looking into starting a Templar Radio 2, and feasibility studies to start Templar TV. Want to get involved, email us above. Looking to do multi-language broadcasts in the future. Can you help?

Be aware that We can HELP your OSMTJ to get started with an internet radio station for your nation, in your language, contact us.